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Grimsby Central Mosque

Grimsby Islamic Cultural Centre : 79a Weelsby Road, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, DN32 0PY

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Asalamu Alykum respected brothers and sisters

At the recent IASH Mosque committee meeting our existing Covid -19 safety guidelines were reviewed to fall inline with the New Government Guidelines and the following points were agreed on :

Alhamdulilah as we resume back to normal facilities from this Monday 19/07/2021, we still hope to adopt safe practices Inshaallah

Here are the changes to the guidelines and the easing of restrictions  

 • The main mosque door will now be opened and community members can enter like before with their own Fobs

 • The Sisters praying area is now open and they can attend all the daily prayers and Friday prayers.

 • Children of all ages are now allowed to attend the prayers with their parents

 • The Sisters toilet and wudu facilities are now open

 • Men’s toilets facilities are now open

 • Mens wudu area is now open

 • We still strongly recommend to wear a Face mask when attending the Mosque

 • We strongly recommend to use Hand sanitisers when entering the Mosque.

 • We Strongly recommend to bring your personal praying mat when attending the Mosque

 • Only on Fridays to keep your shoes in a bag with you inside the prayer Hall ( as both exists still to be used)

 • Please pray in the designated areas

 • The library is now open so use of the Qurans and all books is available (we recommend to use hand sanitiser when handling the books)

 • As the infection rate in our area is still very high we recommend some safe distancing and common sense practice

 • Anyone suffering covid-19 like symptoms ( high temperature cough loss of smell or taste) should not attend the mosque

Thank you for you patience and  cooperation in these difficult times

Jazakumallah khairen

IASH Mosque committee

Mosque group admin