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Grimsby Central Mosque

Grimsby Islamic Cultural Centre : 79a Weelsby Road, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, DN32 0PY

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Mosque Capacity with safe distance measures *

(150 ) praying spaces only

Who should attend:

 • ✅ Only adult Brothers and Male Children over the age of 13 are allowed to come for the prayers.

Who should not attend

 • ⛔️Any person with Covid-19 symptoms (temp higher than 37.8c, a dry cough, loss of smell or taste, cold or flu like symptoms)  

 • ⛔️Any person shielding at home   

 • ⛔️People with underlying health conditions   

 • ⛔️People living with someone who is shielding 

 • ⛔️Children under age of 13

 • ⛔️ Sisters and Children under the age of 13 are still not allowed to attend Friday prayers (apologies for any inconvenience)

Preparatory Measures before Attending the Mosque 

 • ✅ *Perform wudhu at home ((( Wudu facilities and the toilet facilities are CLOSED))) 

 • ✅ One toilet will be open strictly for Emergency use only. All brothers should arrive to the Mosque in wudu if they need to use the toilets for an emergency they must leave the premises after via the one way system and they will not be able to re-enter for that prayer. 

 • ✅ Pray the sunnah/ optional prayers at home   

 • ✅ Bring your own prayer mat   

 • ✅ Wear a mask ( covering mouth and nose) and dispose the mask out side the Mosque ( at home as an example)   

 • ✅ Bring a carrier bag to carry your shoes into the prayer area    

Attending the Mosque 

 • ✅ Observe the 2-metre social distancing rule when entering the mosque, inside the prayer hall and when exiting

 • ✅Register your name at the entrance ( one brother will be recording the names)   

 • ✅ Clean your hands with hand sanitiser  

 • ✅ Leave immediately after the fardh/ obligatory prayer and do not shake hands with or hug others   

 • ✅ Pay attention to the signage indicating one-way traffic flow   

 • ✅ Do not car-share or pick up others not belonging to the same household in your car.

Jazakumallah khairen

*Grimsby Central Mosque

IASH Committee*