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Grimsby Central Mosque

Grimsby Islamic Cultural Centre : 79a Weelsby Road, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, DN32 0PY

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Sadaqah in Ramadan

My Masjid’ Madrasah/School

This program aims to encourage our children to spend for the sake of Allah and to contribute to our Masjid, so that they feel they are effective members in the mosque.

Money boxes will be provided to the children to save some money for the Masjid’ Madrasah/School.

The last date to receiving the boxes back is Wednesday the 5Th May.

Then the boxes will be opened, and the first three winners will be announced on Friday the 7th of May.

The names of the three winners will be announced on the honour board of the Masjid website and also on WhatsApp mosque group, and special certificates will be issued. (With the names only not the figures of the money amounts) Insha’a Allah.

If your kids like to take part in this program, please contact the Imam to collect program's money box.